Fair Division of Retirement Benefits In a Divorce

In order to divide fairly, in a divorce, the retirement plan benefits/accounts accumulated during a marriage, the couple and their advisors must understand the different types of retirement plans. Defined contribution plans create individual accounts for the participants; defined benefit plans create retirement benefits for the participants (sometimes shown as individual accounts in defined benefit plans known as cash balance plans).
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Getting Divorced? Have you checked retirement plan assets?

One very large hurdle to overcome by people getting divorced is agreeing how and when to divide the retirement plan assets each, or both, have accumulated during the marriage.

Their first surprise is the fact that the value of the marital portion of their retirement plan assets is the first or second largest asset in their marital estate. This means that very careful attention needs to given to the sharing of this marital asset. Their second surprise is the fact that there is not one place (on the internet or within their team of advisors) that would guide them thru the maze of optional ways retirement plan assets can be divided between divorcing parties.
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Dividing Retirement Plan Assets in a Divorce

Announcing The Availability Of A Comprehensive Guide For Divorcing Couples And Their Advisors

The first or second largest asset in a marital estate is the benefits/accounts one or both married partners have accrued during their marriage. Accordingly, appropriately dividing these benefits/accounts in a divorce demands that each of the parties, and their advisors, be fully informed as to how and when that division should be implemented.

A comprehensive guide to dividing retirement plan assets in a divorce is now available. This guide will provide detailed information for:
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