Fair Division of Retirement Benefits In a Divorce

In order to divide fairly, in a divorce, the retirement plan benefits/accounts accumulated during a marriage, the couple and their advisors must understand the different types of retirement plans. Defined contribution plans create individual accounts for the participants; defined benefit plans create retirement benefits for the participants (sometimes shown as individual accounts in defined benefit plans known as cash balance plans).
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Dividing Retirement Plan Assets in a Divorce

Announcing The Availability Of A Comprehensive Guide For Divorcing Couples And Their Advisors

The first or second largest asset in a marital estate is the benefits/accounts one or both married partners have accrued during their marriage. Accordingly, appropriately dividing these benefits/accounts in a divorce demands that each of the parties, and their advisors, be fully informed as to how and when that division should be implemented.

A comprehensive guide to dividing retirement plan assets in a divorce is now available. This guide will provide detailed information for:
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