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“If I hadn’t read this booklet, I would have lost a lot of money! Knowing about QDRO enabled me to give my ex-husband my retirement savings without having to pay taxes on withdrawing that money. Even my lawyer was impressed when I suggested this!” – Amy

“Good thing my ex-wife didn’t have this book!” – Bryan

“Just reading the FAQ section on the website made me realize i had to buy the booklet. I had no idea how complicated the process was going to be and how much money was at stake for me. The information in the booklet was essential for me to understand my rights before even talking to my own lawyer. Also, very easy to read and understand, and not expensive.” – Nancy

“The booklet’s approach provides a clear path for me to take to evaluate my options and save money. Frankly, that is the most important thing and all i cared about.” – Paul

“Saved me from making mistakes within reading the first few questions. Invaluable for me to evaluate how i should handle negotiations. The best money i spent during this whole drawn out process” – Sam

“Distributing this booklet to clients of our family law practice helped those clients to understand their options in connection with dividing retirement plan assets.” – Larry

“Educating prospective clients involved in a divorce with this booklet brought new IRA Rollover business to our firm.” – Fran